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31 Days to Clean: Day 3

Mary Challenge: Ask your family what makes them feel the most loved when it comes to you caring for your home – ask them to be specific so that you can begin (or continue) to give life to your domain.

Since Allen is the only family member who can talk (so far), this didn’t take long! He said that the most important things to him were the floors and counters/tables being clean. Or at least having neat piles instead of stuff strewn across the surfaces.

That’s good to know! If the choice comes down to doing a pile of laundry or picking up clutter off the floor, I know which will make my husband feel more loved and taken care of. Valuable info, wouldn’t you agree?

Martha Challenge: Kitchen - Dust tops of refrigerator, cabinets, and shelves. Clean and shine the outsides of drawers and cabinets.

So take a look at this cabinet. Looks pretty normal, right? Your average, everyday cabinet.

How about a close up? Hmm. I guess it’s a little dingy once you get up close.

Can you guess which one has been cleaned??? Yeah. Ew. I know they say you shouldn’t air your dirty laundry, so maybe you shouldn’t post pictures of your dirty kitchen cabinets. But then how would you guys be proud of me, if you didn’t see how hard I scrubbed?

This challenge is really motivating me! I feel good about the work I’m getting done, even if I won’t be done by May 31st. I’m kind of nervous about the next challenge, though. I’ll give you a hint. It involves an oven. And cleaning it. Yikes.

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